My ex is staring... Why?

Before I happened to see him a few times this week I haven't heard from him in months. After telling him us just being friends isn't working we agree we needed to drop it. This past week though I have seen him three times. I haven't talked to him, cause I try to avoid drama and conflict. However he seemed to had look at me more long moments each time I saw him. They are blank stares too.

I'd figured as soon as he would see him he would just look away. It was surprising and weird he was staring. What does it mean?

PS we dated for almost three years if that helps but cheated on me with his current girlfriend.


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  • Cause now he's tired of the new chick and realizes you where better. Men do this, you get tired of the same ass all the time and boom a new one comes. You realize after a few weeks that she is crazy as fuck and you wish you had your old chick back.

  • didn't get his weiner wet

  • Just ignore him and move on with your life... go forward, never backward.


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