Should I leave him?

My boyfriend is very sweet wonderful man i tell ya... but i can't fill his needs when he wants it's extremely stressful because he throws tantrums and it makes me feel guilty and terrible. I'm extremely busy trying to help my family get their business off the ground as well as school and work. I'm very tired when i get home and at the end of the day.. i can't be a bunny and satisfy him... this area of the relationship is very stressed and it even makes me feel that he doesn't like me much either (when we get days like those i can't help but hate him)


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  • He doesn't realize that he makes you more stressed and less likely to want sex when he does this. You should peace out because y'all have 2 different sex drives and it just won't work. I had this problem and I left her after a year of it.

    • was it really that bad?

    • Yea. You begin to sub conciously resent the other person. I know people don't think they are animals but at our core we are and sex is a need. When you find someone who's drive is like yours, it's a lot better of a connection. I left her for other reasons but that was the biggest and most stressful. Me trying not to hurt her feelings and be supportive while going without sex for weeks. She ruined a date I took her on for Christmas and than I was like alright fuck this shit. I can't even fuck her and she causes me all this drama? Duces.

  • Try talking to him and listen to his response if he agress then stay or peace out ✌️


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