What is love is there true love really exist if it's soo what is it thn can any one jus answer for this?

i loved a girl in the past we to did and did everything she said I was a shy type guy where I rarely talk with girls and seen many in life about love and I used to dream if u love someone may sure u stick with her no matter what ever happens for 4yers and she left to her home town and aftr few days she said HARISH I can't marry u bcz my parents didn't accept u bcz it not one of us and my marraige is fixed with two days I gone marry I m sorry for everything tht what she answered now Myself left alone in no where crying myself everysingle day hurting badly inside I trying to move on but tht not happening


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  • Two people touching to each other's souls

  • True Love really exists

    • where is it say I don't think soo it's jus a use need for a guy r girl of u feel lonely u need someone to hang on with and getting close to each other and having a name called love and whn done with them say sorry

    • I'm unsure how to explain it well. Byt i am sure what you described here, does not sound like true love.

    • thn Y do girls name it as love Y don't thy say date date is different from love in my point of view love means sticking together no matter how hard things turn against u stand still make sure u live together forever and this 1st time in India I have seen a racisim in love such a xgf loved for four yers

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