I keep crying and crying, I don't understand.

Someone has got to tell me what to do. My boyfriend of 3 and a half years text me telling me he couldn't see me anymore. He didn't say why or anything. My belief is that there is a girl at his work that he talks to and even hangs out with on occasion. It has been this way since before we ever dated, but I think now he dumped me for her. There have been plenty of messages on our phone from her. I don't know what to do, I love him and broke my heart, yet he doesn't think he should move out. I cry all day every day about this. Seeing him makes me tremble with anger tho. I'm confused and need help.
now he thinks its OK to talk to me like nothing ever happened and he still loves me. he probably got what he wanted. sex. I'm not gonna let him treat me like this anymore. he is out for sure
this wasn't my post it was a friend's


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  • he is sooo f***ing foul for that! I'm sorry girl! kick his ass out for that. throw all of his crap on the front lawn and put them in plastic bags. f*** him if he is going to treat you with such disregard then why is he still in the house? he found another girl he needs to pack his sh*t and stay with that bitch! omg I'm mad for you...stay strong


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