Would you mention your cheating?

if the person you are interested in now reveals that he/she had been cheated on before, and you have been a cheater, would you tell them about your cheating in the spirit of being honest? or do you think that would drive them away because of their history with cheaters? does your answer change if there is a possibility of them finding out about it (through like mutual friends/rumors, etc?)


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  • It's a hard question. I'd want to be honest with them, but I also wouldn't want to lose the possbility of us getting to know each other, or if they decided to date me anyway, I woudn't want to start our relationship off with mistrust. I wouldn't want them to worry that I was cheating on them anytime we weren't together or if I went out with friends of the other sex, etc. I wouldn't want to deal with the drama, jealousy, or possible accusations if they're really insecure based on their past experiences and what they know about me.

    Just because someone cheated on someone before, doesn't automatically mean they are going to cheat on a future partner. It may have occurred in a different time and context. Maybe it was simply a bad decision that they regret and will never do again.

    I believe in trusting someone until they give me a reason not to.


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  • NEver EVER mention the fact that you have cheated before...

    it destroys the trust between you...and the other person will start having some bad memories come up again...so NEVER

    If push comes to shove...as in when the other party finds out...tell them its in the past...its all in the past and you regret what you did...hopefully you do...and you are changed for the better..and things like this will never happen again...

    well that's all I can say for now...if you tell me things more specific about your relationship...i might give you more specified answers.. :D


  • I'd lie. Even if she asked me point blank. If she found out I'd deny it. But that's just me, I like to complicate things.


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  • they probably would be driven away if they knew you cheated. I wouldn't say anything


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