What advice would you give a friend whose just broke up with her boyfriend?

So, a good friend of mine has literally has broken up with her boyfriend. Firstly, they've been dating nearly two years. They don't live far from each other both going to the same uni. She's third year (just finished, he's second year.)

They see each other once or twice a week. Or when they can. He basically had been dropping her hints for weeks like ignoring her on Facebook, not answering messages. She has anxiety and recently been diagnosed with depression too. I'm kinda close to her cause she's always asking for advice on this that the other and she opens up to me.

I'm crap at relationship advice sooo I'm not sure what to suggest to her. She's kinda introverted, can be quite shy too. Has social anxiety and anxiety /depression. She was completely oblivious to his signals that he wanted to end it. She was saying to me how was she oblivious etc. The signals was a bit immature he should have talked to her I felt. She's finding it hard now at the moment cause she confides in him about her mental health that she doesn't tell too many people. I think he's just run out of feelings for her.

I offered for her to stay at mine but we live at both opposite ends of the country. She asked me what she should do and I suggested that she goes home , take herself out of the area, away from the atmosphere and just let herself recover. She lives North, I'm south. Urhmmmm, I've reassured her it wasn't her fault, cause he should have been honest with her from the start. But apart from just listening to her vent , I'm really not sure what to say and stuff.


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  • I think just to have someone there for you means a lot when you're going through stuff like that. So making it a goal to do things for her, like organise fun things to do or even just invite her along on little days out or walks or whatever will help more than you know as it will help her to get out of her head and keep busy. If she wants to vent, just listen to her, tell her you know it's hard and life has been unfair to her lately but boost her confidence, remind her of how great she is and why you value her as a friend. Just try to show her happiness again. That will mean more than any words can. She'll have to go through this dark time regardless, it might take a while but in the meantime making the most of a bad situation is the best possible solution.


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  • "Girl get back up on the horse and by horse I mean me "(points to genital area and winks)


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