Guys what could this be about?

Hey guys. I was out on the weekend and my ex ran into my friend and asked her for a ride home. While on the ride home, my name came up. He broke with me almost a year ago (were together for three years) we tried to stay friends, but I see no point. I got tired of trying to be friendly and stop entertaining any communication with him. Last time he reached out to me was via email (yeah, email not personal in my books) over a month ago.

Any how, he told her that he tried to contact me but, "she doesn't want to talk to me".

Guys what was this all about? Why would be ask my girl for a ride? He didn't call me, so this had nothing to do with me correct?


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  • well not exactly. he could have just needed a ride home and the conversation just happened. or he could have planned asking 4 the ride home so he could grill ur friend. there was a guy I used 2 like who I stopped liking, but he still liked me. he eventually txt my friend "asking 4 math help" when I wouldn't txt him back. he got the "math help" then started asking about me. wow real subtle


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