I didn't cheat?

So I'm in a sticky situation, I had grad night Friday and my boyfriend thinks I cheated because someone told him I did. A couple people told him I did, but I didn't and he's not believing me and I got so many people telling him I didn't cheat. I have no idea what to do. I did do something stupid but it wasn't cheating. Please help, he's the love of my life, my best friends. We just celebrated our one year last week. I can't lose him


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  • What exactly did you do?

    • I was with a group of all girl friends and we met a group of guys and me and another were just trying to hook up my other two single friends with the guys so I started talking to one of the guys and we were talking a lot but I didn't do anything! And I felt comfortable talking to him because he was the only guy in the group who had a girlfriend, so therefore there was no way in hell nothing would have happened. We were alone for like 2 mins and someone saw and told my ex, now/:, and it was me, the guy I was talking to and a girl friend of mine waiting in line to go on a ride and I see a groups of my friends and my exs friends come up and immediately thought they were going to think the worst so this the part where I fucked up I told them "don't worry, don't tell max"(max my ex).

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    • I've already tried explaining it to him but he doesn't listen

    • It might work better if he reads it rather than trying to hear it. That and I'm a 3rd party stranger. What gain have you from lying to me?

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  • The relationship is you two. Other people are not in it and their opinions aren't important. If he loves you then he may need time but he will believe you I hope.

    • Anything I could do to help him to make him believe me

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    • Tell him you love him and are faithful. Stress the truth. But time will tell and he has to come around in his own time. Good luck :)

    • Okay thank you

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