What should I have done?

i just wana know what should i have done, this happenned way long back
i had a girlfriend, we were together for a while and one day out of nowhere she asks to end thngs up, she used to be furious on calls n msgs.. but when i used to meet her, she used to be calm and even we made out everytime we met, in the end she askd to end it. We didn't speak for a while and i was never over her i still ain't. I heard many things at time about her, that she's been sleeping with someone else and all the crap. One day i texted her to meet up because i wanted to know the reasn why she broke up, i had no other intention, we went for a drive, she gave me all silly excuses, in the end she asked "why didn't you find someone else?". I said i wanted only one girl for life, no more. When we reached her place, she asked "what if i ask u out someday?". I cudnt answer, she left. We were sort of together for lik a couple of months.. n again the same thing happenned, and i don't know why i am still stuck on her?

should i never have calld her back, could those things i heard b true?


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  • I had a simular exp with my ex boyfriend.. still haven't been able to get him out of my head

    • but its complicated when its the girl who does tht... they cn backout weneva they want n u cnt evn say anythng coz they r girls !

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    • that's ok,

    • so how r we gona keep in touch?

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