Is my relationship moving too fast or does this sound plausible?

I've known this guy for barely a month, although since I have known him I've seen him literally every day to some capacity. We started off our relationship just agreeing to keep it casual and mostly physical--he had just broke up with his girlfriend of a year two weeks before we had drunkenly hooked up.

It was pretty soon before we started hanging out in addition to just sleeping with each other, doing cute relationship-esque activities (making each other dinner, going to the art gallery together). Just a week ago we explained how we are truly attracted to one another on more than a physical level and feel a mutual need to spend all our free time together. A couple days later he asked me to move to a new city with him.

I've never felt so attracted and comfortable with someone before so I'm wondering if my temptation to follow through and move to a brand new city with him is as irresponsible as it might seem.


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What Guys Said 1

  • That would all depend on how far he was planning on moving to. If it was only an hr or 2 away it wouldn't be too hard to move back if it didn't work out. Also why did he decide to move? Is it a spur of the moment idea or is it that his former ex lives at where he wants to move to.

    One month isn't a long time to kmow someone. You might want to give it a little time.

    • We both talked about our mutual desires to get away from the city we're living in and no--his ex does not live there. He asked me if I wanted to move with him in about six months or so, when we have more stable financial grounding. I'm definitely going to think about it before jumping to any decisions.

What Girls Said 1

  • WAY too fast hun, only known this man a month. He broke up with his girlfriend not long before that. You are in the honeymoon phase of the relationship where everything is gong good.Just keep your guard up and continue to be happy with him, but I wouldn't move with him at all at this point.


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