Being Best Friends W/ My Ex?

My EX and I dated for 6 months and he was my first and only boyfriend. When we broke up I was really upset but then a week later he messaged me and we started talking again. We talked about anything and everything and that old spark came back between us and everything had fallen into place. I tell him everything and vice versa. I don't know if I should try dating him again since we both still seem to love each other and I've fallen in love with him and his kid or if I should just make a line and make sure he understands that we are just friends.


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  • You guys weren't dating for too long, how come you broke up?
    (I mean, 6 months is long for a first relationship probably, but it's not that long for someone out of high school and in college or working)

    This might be a little tricky, but could be doable.

    • We broke up because i was heading back home for the summer to work at a camp and I wouldn't be able to talk very much for about 2 months

    • So it was strictly a location issue, not disfunction in the relationship or anything?

      If that's the case, I would just look at that as hitting the pause button for a minute while you each fulfilled commitments that were made before the relationship got serious. Now you're back together, and month 7 begins. You could celebrate your first year together by Thanksgiving of this year, if you look at it that way.

  • You're not going to remain friends and if you're stupid enough to try a reconciliation it won't last either. He only wants to keep you around so he can use you as a backup plan when he can't find someone else. Never have anything to do with an ex


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