Dumped over wanting to try new things?

So my now ex girlfriend said she wanted to try new and exciting things, so I got a pair of fluffy handcuffs. Well she thought that was too extreme and actually dumped me. we didn't even do anything. she said I was a creep for wanting to try that and that she wouldn't date someone that messed up. is that really even messed up though?


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What Girls Said 1

  • I feel you should've talked about what you wanted to explore before you bought the cuff. she did overreact tho, as she didn't make her point clear and that's a very common link that people are into experimenting with. you should've communicated better and talked about your preferences and what you wanted to do more clearly


What Guys Said 1

  • Sounds to me that she was looking for an excuse to getting out of the relationship. That or she was saying that to try and break up with you and you saw it differently.

    • she meant sexually try new things, she was looking at sex positions online.

    • I can't see why'd she dump you like that. Only thing I can think of was there was a communication breakdown. I'd figure there would be a compromise or talk about what she would've liked to try.

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