When do you know to let someone go?

We did like one another but neither of us have been in relationships. College just ended and he's back home (1 hour away). He's also commitment phobic to the extreme and only parties while I'm extremely picky.

We didn't get close enough to keep in touch through phone. In addition, he blocked me on fb because of how slow I was taking it, because he after flirting and putting himself out there in front of our whole class felt like he didn't want regrets. On the last week of college, I said bye to him and he stared for 6-7 seconds and then gave me a bear hug lasting very long. No one doubts that he doesn't like me but we are all in agreement that this wasn't the right time for both of us. We have a lot more maturing to do before we even consider relationships. Plus, we're extremely academic and hardworking on our looks. Being pre-med and working out leaves no room for much of a social life at this point.

He has a lot of mutual friends with me and he knows a lot of people from my community (my Indian ethnicity). I am often in the area that he hangs out in and lives in...

I ask because college ended two weeks ago, we stopped being awkward right before college ended. Before that, for two months we avoided each other because of his lack of commitment and my irritation of how hide and seek our behaviors became. We met this January.

I guess I'll add that my gut rxn says to give this time: he should party it out more because he is so wild that it contradicts that he's pre-med. And I need time to meet more guys and open up more...quicken up the pace, lol.


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  • you let people go because there's nothing on earth that can possibly be any good out of the relationship, period...keep doing what you're doing with seeing other guys but, don't put everything on someone if they aren't ready because it doesn't mean anything for you now


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