Closure... is there a way to get a guy to talk face to face?

As you can see from previous question my relationship destructed quickly after accusing him of cheating, he said he didn't know what he wanted, when I asked if he really didn't think he could forgive me or we could move on he was unsure, said didn't know what to do. I felt like a horrible person I accused him of something, overreacted he said I treated him like an a**hole, and a cheater and has not, he doesn't play games. Last night he said gotta give him time to build trust, and gonna take work. But past two nights same strange car in his driveway and he lied about not bring home last night, he doesn't know I know that, how do I get him to talk face to face to give myself closure and let him know he's a shitty person?
Well I sent the text to ask to meet up and clean the slate, no response. I think he knows he's caught and avoiding the reality of the person he truly is.. people suck, and what made me keep this person in my life for so long, why did I ignore all the signs. Time to make everyday count
Well I did it, I confronted him in person after he refused to respond to my text about the car in the driveway, the lies, the ex resurfacing on Instagram, who days after I sent the text about that stuff suddenly started liking everything he posted, no longer said single and he started following her, and the result he dodged giving specific answers, had bs excuses and seconds later set his Instagram to private. But he's not a cheater and a liar all these things are my craziness


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  • I'm still sticking to my Gerber baby bottle story. 😭😭 Get over him quickly the sooner the better. Invite him to his favorite food joint.. How can he say no.. then give him a picture of how you feel. Ohh and don't forget the Gerber Bottle.!

    • Can i also give him a picture of the car in his driveway. Yea I'm not about arguing I just want to feel better and letting me cry, apologize, not sleep or eat and give me some diatribe about building trust and taking time and work when reality was he only texted me back cause he was having someone over and didn't want his phone blowing up with text messages, I knew I wasn't crazy and paranoid

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    • I'm sorry to hear! I hope all get better soon for you.

    • He knows I must have found out cause now he disappeared after texting me about taking time and work to get back to where we were and building trust while telling me he wasn't home which was a lie, he just was worried I'd text or call while she was there, so I'm done he's already started his relationship lying to her as well so let her deal with that he won't change and doesn t want to. Thanks for the support

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  • tell him how you feel and try to talk to him without arguing. be patient when he opens up to you. usually that let's people spill out what they have to say when you aren't forcing them to tell you stuff or they feel like they can't talk or think. just ask questions or talk and sit back and listen to what he says

    • I have no arguing in me, he made me feel like I was paranoid and crazy and I wasn't eating, drinking, I miss work or leave early crying cause I've been devastated I messed things up, but catching another car 2 nights in a row in his driveway, lying about not bring home this whole time I wasn't paranoid, but he let me suffer, I didn't and don't deserve that

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