Should I be mad at my girlfriend for basically cheating?

Ok so my girlfriend basically cheated on me today
Right in my face.
(we are both 17)

Ok so im in an online relationship with this girl who is 17 just like me, she doesn't live far from me, maybe a 10-20 minute drive, but we aren't allowed to see eachother because of her parents,

Anyway, today she started a group chat with me & some boys (like 3 other boys), we were all just talking about anything really, but the boys kept flirting, me and my girlfriend told them we were together like a billion times, well I had left the group chat & she took her shirt off & showed the boys her boobs...

The only reason I know is because one of the guys recorded it, he sent me the video. On the video as soon as I leave she says
"Ok I have to hurry up" & she takes her shirt off & starts playing with her chest...& she said
"if you want to see more, add me on snapchat"

Should I break up with her?
The reason I dont want to is because
Before I confronted her, she came clean, &
She apologized.

I don't know what to do...
We are supposedly going to meet up soon & she's so cute I dont wanna just let her go... What do you suggest I do?
Break up with her
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Should I be mad at my girlfriend for basically cheating?
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