Should I be mad at my girlfriend for basically cheating?

Ok so my girlfriend basically cheated on me today
Right in my face.
(we are both 17)

Ok so im in an online relationship with this girl who is 17 just like me, she doesn't live far from me, maybe a 10-20 minute drive, but we aren't allowed to see eachother because of her parents,

Anyway, today she started a group chat with me & some boys (like 3 other boys), we were all just talking about anything really, but the boys kept flirting, me and my girlfriend told them we were together like a billion times, well I had left the group chat & she took her shirt off & showed the boys her boobs...

The only reason I know is because one of the guys recorded it, he sent me the video. On the video as soon as I leave she says
"Ok I have to hurry up" & she takes her shirt off & starts playing with her chest...& she said
"if you want to see more, add me on snapchat"

Should I break up with her?
The reason I dont want to is because
Before I confronted her, she came clean, &
She apologized.

I don't know what to do...
We are supposedly going to meet up soon & she's so cute I dont wanna just let her go... What do you suggest I do?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • That is absolutely irrational behaviour. The fact that she waited for you to go offline and do that is just bad. Then to tell them to add her on Snapchat so she can see more, is worse. It's no wonder her parents don't let her date - she doesn't know how to respect herself yet.

    Don't go out with this girl. How is she to respect and understand your feelings and values if she doesn't have any for herself.

    • She's just a very nice person like
      she lets people use her and will do anything for someone just to feel wanted.
      i'm not going to say she didn't want to do it.. she probably did.. she could have said no..

    • You have the wrong definition of "nice" here. I'm sure what she did, didn't leave you feeling "nice" now did it? Take a step back to realize that this girl isn't mature and is still in the state of just wanting attention rather than seeking commitment.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I dont know how she looks and act like, but from your description, she sounds pretty cheap and slutty. I think you should break up wif her, or after sex. Not someone to keep for long.

    • her clothes reveal a little bit but she doesn't really dress slutty.. she's really nice & doesn't know how to tell people no.. like if you ask her for a nude picture shell just ask why & send it..

    • This reply is shocking! I mean if you're okay with her this attitude of being unable to say no, then keep her. Why even think about her cheating on you? If you had any problem with her cheating on you, you wouldn't keep her for this long. But remember one thing, by keeping her you are compromising on your self respect and also on your chance of getting a loyal partner later.

    • Yeah, what is "doesnt know how to tell people no"? So you should ask yourself this, do you want to keep someone who always tell yes to others?

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What Girls Said 15

  • end it immediately. if you let her get away with something like this, soon she will do something even worse. clearly she does not value you or respect you

    • yeah i know she probably will, that part was clear to me when she didn't hide her face and took her shirt off.. that let me know she didn't care

  • Break up with her, she cheated and she doesn't care

    • she told me she loved me before she went to bed..

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    • yeah i know..
      maybe i can slowly start to pull away from her until i have no feelings left
      but if i just broke up with her on the spot.. an hour later i would be apologizing

    • That's not how you break up with someone dude馃槀
      Whatever it's up to you.

  • Bro if the relationship is online only it isn't real anyway so she can't actually cheat.

    • It is real
      plenty of people meet online

  • Personally I call that acting like a ho no cheating, but you should still break up.

    • yeah i know but
      i never said she couldn't.. i thought that was just common sense.. i guess i'd have to set some rules

    • Oh well worse, a stupid ho. Seriously dump her, you don't want your future kids getting the stupid gene.

  • She didn't cheat on you, but she made you her door mat and invited other guys to wipe their muddy feet on you. The real question is, would you rather be treated that way or, would you rather have no girlfriend?

  • ok i am coming to you as a mother and nothing else. one must becareful when dating online. the fact that she said that she can't see you because of her parents is a red flag in itself. The fact that she waited until you got ofline to show her boobs to other boys is infact cheating and yes you should leave her alone. Because there is no telling what she is doing while you are not there or if 17 is her real age. there are a lot of perverts on here lurking after children. So becareful about onlibe dating. i am just speaking as a mother and nothing else.

  • I'm gonna have to stop you right there. You have all the right to be mad, no matter what. cheating is cheating.

  • You're still young. Break up with her, be a man and you will find a good woman

  • Just break up. It's okay if she even has a million guy friends as long as she's loyal. This definitely isn't the case here so leave her right now.

    • yeah but i don't have a million girl friends, as soon as i break up with her she could literally text another boy
      "im single"
      & she'll be in a relationship that bad, while im over there looking dumb

    • You're not in a competition with that girl. Kings don't compete with hoes.

  • in my honest opinion, i wouldn't stand for it. she will do it again. you deserve better.

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What Guys Said 18

  • Well, I wouldn't call it cheating.
    But definitely not a girl I'd trust.
    She's without doubt looking to trade up, or she wouldn't flash her goodies at other guys, not to mention put out subscriptions.

    Tell her to cut it out, or you're done.
    It's unacceptable.

  • Stay with her only if you don't mind sloppy seconds or stale creampies of other dudes in her. If she was willing to do that she probably would do everything else as well given the opportunity. Personally I'd rather just jack off to porn than put up with such crap. Apparently she just needs to get a job as a cam girl on some porn site and get a boyfriend in an open relationship that doesn't mind her doing that , seems she likes it since she just did that for free.

  • She will cheat again and she will cheat way worse than that.

    Not only should you break up with her, you should warn the next poor dumb bastard she tricks into thinking she's girlfriend material.

    The guy who showed you the video did you a favor, so pass it forward.

  • You shouldn't be mad because you're taking the high road by not putting up with that crap. There's not much to expect from online relationships anyway. And the fact that she said snapchat means she's sent more than her chichis to innumerable people. I know of someone like that.

  • Honestly screw her for a while and move on when someone better comes along. But detach yourself emotionally now.

  • She told you once she did this and then promised she wouldn't do it again and then this happens and this is only what you know because your friend told you

    • No she didn't promise she wouldn't do it again
      all she said was
      "i'm sorry"

    • if I were you I would leave bit it's your dicision

  • As miserable as you may feel, it's not worth the added heartbreak for both of you, to break up with her. If you are willing to forgive her, I'd do it and move on, if not, at the very least I'd encourage you to remain friends afterwards. As I said, it's not worth the heartbreak. If nothing else, the fact that she came clean before you had to confront her goes to show that she does care about you. Like I said, if you're willing to stay with her do it, if you're willing only to remain her friend, do it. I'd say you need to make it clear that you aren't okay with what happened but that you still love her.

  • She don't love nor care for you. She don't respect as a man. Forget her.

  • Bro, I know its hard for you to leave her... boys like us don't get the girls easily but understand the situation... You don't wanna broke up with her cause she confessed before you could say something but what if she came to know that you've seen it.. so she played smart and let you know bwfore you could confront something...
    I'm not saying break up with her cause I don't have a right to order you... Maybe you should give her a chance.. Its your life and after all only you have to decide what to do
    Best of Luck
    Hope it helps馃槉

  • Not mad
    Done and over she should be your past now

    • how am i supposed to put that in the past

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