Should I leave my cocaine addicted husband?

Help me please I am stuck. I love my husband so much but I feel like I am finished trying. I have three daughters and a fourth one on the way. My husband is kind funny and a really nice guy when he's not coked out his head. He is on thousands and thousands of pounds debt with dealers. He woyld dissapear away and stay in hotels alone and take loads of it. It's put me in a debt myself I'm trying to look after my family and feel like I'm doing absolutely everything, all the house work washing ironing also go to work and college and he lies around all day in bed! I am almost 7 months pregnant. I really don't know if I should leave him or stick by him and try and help because I don't feel he is getting any better. Has anyone been in a similar situation and left I don't want to just give up on him but feel I have no choice :(
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Thanks everyone I think deep down I know I have to leave just feel like I'm giving up on him and abandoning him. The thought of seeing him with someone else destroys me as well:(
Should I leave my cocaine addicted husband?
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