ok so i asked this question in my last topic and did a SHIT job explaining the situation (or i just got the response i didn't want to hear and I'm in denialπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) but anyways here we go again ill make this short as possible...

-Me and this girl talk


-We have "sex"

-I become distant towards her because personal and family issues

-Friends of her tell me she HATES ME

-We reconnect again

-she TRIES to be cold hearted towards me

-Its clear that she still has some feelings for me when we start talking again

-we start talking on SC again

-she now only sends me simple response to me on sc when i try and have a conversation

-She also sends me "sexual pics"and "msg" at least once a day

that seems to be the gist of it, i told her i loved her and stuff but she was still sent "simple responses" when i tried to have a serious convo about us

I'm going to BOOTCAMP for USMC really soon and I'm going regardless but it's killing me not knowing if there is no chance between us or should i just say Fuck it and move on. let me remind you we are both young. GIRLS please TELL ME WHAT THIS MEANS


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  • Oh honey! I hope you find love. It seems like she's just not interested. ☹️☹️ ❀️ There are other women out there that will treat you well.

  • You do what you want I'm not studied you decide what you want its your life but years u can't have both your old life kills me I can't take it I'm hear if you want me but if you ant to keep your old life style I can't I sulk all the time becus it hurts me if to much for you sorry if I don't hear from you I will find some where else to go and yelling at me and making fun of me in front of others is wrong I know all that shit and so do you and you trying to put all on me like I'm making everything up is so fucked up


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