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ok so my ex and I were dating for 5and a half months and he just dumped me one day it's been a couple of months and I still can't get over I have been trying to convince myself​that I'm over him but I'm not I know that and all my close friends know that. he said that our relationship was premature and it was going to fast and he couldn't keep up with it but all we did was a side hug and held hands rarely and it was only in private like when we went to the movies or when I went to hangout at his house. so can some help me understand this better. I'm to scared to ask him.


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  • I don't think he ever wanted to date you. One of his friends probably urged him to go out with you, and then they stopped being friends 5 and a half months after that. I mean come one now those excuses were total BS.

    • we were friends and we shared and still do share friends who pushed us into it.

    • we both had a crush on each other and we both knew it we just didn't want anything bad to happen.

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