Ran into my ex (who ghosted me) and she's gained about 20lbs in 5 months... do women go through radical changes after break ups?

So I saw my ex at the gym the other day. She looks MUCH different than I remember her a few months ago. I estimate she has gained at least 20lbs. I barely recognized her.

We made brief eye contact but I decided to not approach her. She did her thing and I did mine. She completely ghosted me 5 months ago with no warning (we dated for 9 months). However I have to admit that seeing her put on the poundage after what she did makes feel better. She definitely looks much less attractive from the weight gain.

But anyway, I know people sometime go through radical changes after break ups for the better or the worse. I'm curious why she would gain so much weight after doing what she did a few months ago. It was her shitty decision and I'm the one who got screwed over. It would have been a different story if she had the class to tell me face to face she didn't want a relationship anymore. Instead she vanished into thin air. However it's almost like she turned to food to placate her conscious.


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  • you might be right... or she been on too many dates


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