Is this normal?

So I was recently been dumped March 8th the day before I was released from jail. The guy I've been with for 12 years and have 2 kids with cowardly left me in Oct and started seeing someone else. Whatever I'm fine also great when happy very violent when not. I found out a few days ago via e-mail from this girlfriend of his saying they've been seeing each other five years. I've been dating this amazing guy like I'm #1 fan. I've been second questioning everything he does. Looking for red flags since finding all this about my ex. I may just be tripping if nothing has ever left me questioning before and he's been very open and honest with everything thus far?


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  • maybe he was scared he would be hurt by you if he told you. seeing as you went to jail and you your self said you are violent when you're not happy. sounds like he made the right choice and told you where you couldn't get to him.

    • He was the violent one. I just fought back. When I got arrested it was with him. We had talked everything out an decided to work on us. Last words he said was I'll be at your hearing i love you.

    • oh. your words up there lead me to believe otherwise. wasn't clear who the violent one was. I'm inclined to err on the side of he is a piece of trash.

    • yes he is one

  • what a cowered doing that to you if he was honest he would of told you from the start


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  • i don't know if he ever loved you truly but i want you to forget him. just see the present. he chose other girl over you. now its your turn.. search someone better than him.

    why you were arrested?

    • violation of a no contact order that was placed on me 7-9-14 and couple others after that for the sixth time because he wanted to see me and me seeing him as my guy and true love I went

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