I miss my ex. How can I show or tell her that she is the only girl I want to be with?

It would be 4 months tomorrow that she broke up with me. We only dated for 4 months but it was the best time I ever had. There is no other girl I want to be with. I still have a picture of us in my room and have the card she gave me for our 1 month anniversary. She is on vacation in Florida right now but I want to tell her that to have a good time and she deserves it. I do miss her and want her back in my life. How can I show that?


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  • talk to her about being just friends not only for her but for you too, in order to see if your feelings are true or misguided. see if the friendship works out and if so then see if y'all could eventually fall back in a romantic relation but only time will tell.

    • That might e a good idea. We talked for 2 months and hung out a couple of time before we started dating. I know I might of messed a few things up when dating but I need to remember she is only 21

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    • Anyone that you know about. Bro you have to, I repeat, YOU HAVE to let her come to you after she dumps you.

    • I wish there was something I could do for her to give me another chance.

  • If she doesn't want you back you have to move on

    • I don't know if she does. I want to try to work things out with her. I miss her as a friend too.

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  • Dude you have to move on if you want her back. Yes this seems counterintuitive but trust me it works. You don't look at her, you don't talk to her you delete all ways on seeing her. Than you start to date other women. You will get results if you stop caring. Women do not want a puppy dog, they want a high value man and high value men don't chase, they replace. Do not become friends with her either. If you do that, have fun never putting your penis in her again.


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