Why is my ex talking to me again?

So my ex is back again. We broke up 6 months ago after a 5.5 year relationship. Long story short he dated someone right after, they broke up, we were working on things, I ended up ghosted and he was back with his 18 year old ex (were 21).

Last Saturday he was messaging me on Facebook saying things like "you've been going out to the bars a lot. Don't let that come in between your future because you do have a bright future and you don't deserve to lose sight like that" etc. he asked me to call him on my lunch break and we talked like we always had - it was a comfortable casual hour long conversation. We met up that night to talk about everything that had happened. I showed up and he wrapped me in a huge hug even lifting me up and spinning me (one of the little things I love). He also did the dancing twirl thing because he knows I love that. He pulled me close to him on the couch and pulled my head to his chest and he rested his cheek on the top of it like old times and was playing with my hair.

Is this like manipulative or does he miss me? Because I am so damn confused 🙃
Why is my ex talking to me again?
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