I tried talking to him about everything?

about feeling second best, about his lack of sexual interaction with pleasuring me, how stupid this "break" is and that i feel like all of this is pointless, that i shouldn't waste my time anymore.

he tried telling me everything is okay and that he loves me, that i love him, that we are still together (even though technically we arent) and after i tried to talk to him about how stupid this is, he turned his nice side around and started throwing the crazy cards, claiming it's all in my head and that i'm in a stupid mindset when i'm really not.

every time i try talk to him about my feelings, he always tells me i'm being silly, that i'm crazy and that i need to stop over thinking and stop talking..

why won't he let me express how i feel? how i see things? is he doing it to reassure himself?
I tried talking to him about everything?
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