How to deal with this situation? It's really important to me?

Okay so my boyfriend broke up with me a few months ago, I was devastated as he was my bestfriend for years prior and we had a more meaningful relationship that I didn't want to throw away, a lot happened in between, I kept trying with him but nothing but bitterness from him and words were said. But none the less I wasn't only kind and civil with him. He had hurt me a lot throughout I decided to leave it focus on myself and change my self for the better. I realised I had made a lot of mistakes also in this relationship so I recently initiated contact after not contacting him for a month, as I wanted our friendship and I apologised for my behaviour and he was convinced that I was going to start acting like I did before and I explained to him no, and he actually agreed to be friends however I'm struggling as he is being very short in his messages, and it's making it difficult for me to show him I've changed, just one worded answers. I feel like i have to be patient otherwise he'll just think I'm still the same but it's slightly frustrating when I'm trying to keep up a conversation and don't get anything back. What is the best way to come around this?


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  • Just a lot of patience. He is probably still hurt. It also depends how well he gets over being upset. I know it's frustrating but forcing more out of him may lead back to you not talking again.

    • Yeah that's what I'm thinking. It's just hard when he replies with anything I say with a 'yeah' or 'good' and I keep trying to talk about something interesting or make a conversation. What's the best responses to those? and if I ignore him then it won't work, the best way is to communicate. I don't know if he's but testing my patience to see if I have changed or if he's trying to ruin things so he says I gave you a chance it didn't work 😕😕

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    • He asked what I have changed, but I'm not sure what to respond to that...

    • Was he talking about what you have changed in yourself? Tell him you know you did a lot of mistakes and that things went the way they did but you would like at least to recover the friendship you guys had before all of this.

  • Your feelings won't show in Text. Go out with him. A Mobile screen cannot show The Warmth, the Care and the Sincerity. And mostly there's Ego between you both

    • I can't do that as this is long distance which makes it all the more harder..

    • So I'm working as best as I can given the situation

  • give him sometime which will heals everything

    • But what are some ways I can talk to him, to show him I've changed if he's been this difficult in holding a conversation with me

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