Only deleted me off of Snapchat after a break up?

I was with this kid for awhile , and all of a sudden the other day he threw at me that he doesn't have feelings for me anymore , a week before he came home from college. But , he was quick to deleted off of Snapchat and ONLY Snapchat.. and even when I reached out to contact him to talk about what happened he didn't awnser but still didn't unfollow me on anything else. What does this mean?


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  • This can mean many different things. He can be in love with someone, he can be angry but still doesn't want to leave you. if you truly wanna know. First thing to check out is where did you went wrong. if you didn't got wrong then this is the time to make him comfortable and asking him like its your heart who wants to help him not your brain.

    • Honestly I did ask him and he just kept on forcing on me that he doesn't have feelings for me anymore , but he also texts me every morning. He didn't this the last time when he said " he didn't want a relationship " and then we talked after and he kind of back peddled on that whole thing and now I feel like he's trying to do it again because he's afraid to admit he actually wants one

    • it's your turn to take a move. get closer or forget everything.

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  • he probably doesn't want to be reminded of you and if he goes on Snapchat a lot he doesn't want to see your story


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