Any advice on divorce parents?

So it's graduation this week and sadly my parents are divorced but it's my mom who makes things difficult for a lot of reasons and it stresses me out and everyone else out and for some odd reason I always try to please her because she likes to play emotional mind games with me because I hate conflict and recently she has been pulling the "you always exclude me and my dads girlfriend is the problem card." And when I try to prove her wrong about it she goes into a childish pout and makes it hard on me and keeps saying she can't wait for this all graduation and everything else that includes me is over and will not apologize I don't know what to do any advice before I loose my mind to stress


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  • that really sucks. mom's shouldn't treat daughters like that. Well, try to stick up for yourself, tell your mom that you don't try to give preferential treatment, and you feel she's being rude so she should please just be happy for your graduation instead of angry at everything. and if all else fails and your mom won't stop... that can't change the fact you're graduating! that's a lot of work and you did it, so be proud and remember no one can take it away.


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  • ugh, been there, live that. Except it's my dad not my mom. You just have to do your best to do what YOU THINK IS BEST FOR YOU.

    Parents should think of their children first and not be overgrown selfish babies in these situations. It's YOUR day, not hers.

    I feel for you. Just enjoy it. She will live.


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