I feel like talking to my ex is literally mature of me. ... i texted him once tho telling him hope we can be friends but that's if he wish to and he said its cool... Now we are in the same college and same class.. .. Do I talk to him? Cus I'm moving on and I can feel I'm moving on. .. Saw him today we made eye contact and I just passed to my seat. . So should I give him space to move on too before any talk or I should never talk to him again. Fate always make us sit close by or two inches close... I just feel life is too short to not talk to anyone. ... we are still friends on fb and ig... didn't unfollow or block each other. ... Those who have exes in the same class, neighbourhood or school do you still talk to your ex?


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  • I also have a great urge to talk to my exes but I don't coz past must be left in the past... it must not become the burden of present or it'll just dilapidate your future.


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  • Nope.


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