How likely is it he will come back?

I often hear the term "they always come back" used when a relationship breaks up meaning he will eventually come back into the picture. Me and my ex broke up and it was his choice. Our last conversation was real calm, no yelling but it basically came down to he wanted to do his own thing and if I would have agreed he wanted to remain friends, call me to see how I was etc...Our relationship had no serious problems but I think he still wants to be out there fishing because he still wasn't straight on his answers with me. We had a lot of good times so I was wondering if eventually he would miss me or wonder about me and contact me. It's been two months and I have basically stayed quiet and have not tried to contact him. I have also heard that guys don't show emotions but rather push them to the side to not deal with them. How true is that? I'm just trying to figure out what a guy really means in the things he says and does


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  • It depends how long were you together I'm going to tell you from experience, my ex liked to f with my head, we were together for seven years and he would always leave me AND THEN COME BACK. He just left me again and we had planned our future together and everything. he says the same old song and dance '' its over, nope never coming back'' well guess what he always does.

    how much time do you have invested together. The trick is to keep hush hush. don't msg him or anything, let him wonder its all psychological. and yah guys do push emotions aside, I keep asking my girlfriends how he acts like he doesn't care she said because they push feelings aside. Let him miss you, if he contacts you don't write back right away.

    • No I haven't messaged him and I won't. But I wonder what he is up too and think back on the good times. We had lots of fun with each other. And I wonder if he has the same thoughts and doesn't he remember that as well or has he totally put me out of his mind and that's what hurts. We were together for nine months and we spent enough time together for him to get to know me for me and I'm not a bad person. I'm a good catch for any guy. He basically let a good woman go for no good reason.

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