When someone tells you a secret, how do you handle it?

Just curious as to what people do when they are told a secret. Also, if you would handle two secrets differently, please explain.

  • You keep it to yourself.
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  • You tell a close friend, a family member, someone who you trust, etc.
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  • You tell someone whom you believe has no way of connecting with the person who told you the secret.
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  • You tell anyone you feel like mentioning the secret to.
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  • Other. (Explain)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I tell my boyfriend and my best friend. I can't help it. I need somebody to talk about it with. It sounds so child-ish, but when somebody tells you not to do something, you do it. I can not tell you how many times somebody has said "Don't tell anybody but..." and I told somebody. I don't know if it's just girl nature or what. If you just told me something and never said "Don't say anything" it probably never would've crossed my mind to go blab to somebody else.


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What Guys Said 1

  • I keep it to myself totally unless I think it might lead to trouble fro someone . Then I will tell that person or the person who could protect them...there's no 100% rule on secrets!


What Girls Said 3

  • I have always been dubbed a 'listener' and provide advice when my friends need it. When people share secrets with me, I never tell anyone because he/she is trusting me to keep it quiet. I would never betray that confidence UNLESS it was somehow detrimental to my friend. If that is the case, I would encourage him/her to remedy it.

  • if it was a secret that was dangerous or something like that I would be obligated to tell to help my friend----- but if its not gonna hurt anyone or I'll take to the grave!

  • Take it to grave unless someone is gonna get hurt or something else horrible.


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