Do guys just start hating the girl they loved for years just because of a big fight between them? Is the hate permanent or temporary?

So I was/am in relationship with this guy since like four years now and I dont know if its broken up or not. Out families also get along very well our parents and our siblings too but some thing happened between his and mine siblings that kind of included our relationship too a fight took place but it shouldn't have been this much of a big deal. So my boyfriend suddenly gets hyper and says to me that he doesn't want to be woth me anynore after all this I have to admit the fight that took place between our siblings was pretty intense but he was not the kinda guy that just breaks up. He was veryyy caring and loving and he made me feel like im the queen of the world and he proved not through only his words but his actions that he really loved me but I can't understand what happened now. He said he doesn't want anything to do with me right now and that he doesn't know the future but right now he doesn't want this. I tried to talk to him but he simply blocked me without giving any reply. So my question to guys is can you give any idea of what's going on in his head? Does he bow really hate me? Will he change his mind? Has the love just vanished? Why is he taking out all the heat on me? Because he has done this once before too something goes wrong and instead of being a man and take a stand he just breaks it off with me and makes himself feel like he's always the victim. He changed his mind before and came back to me even caring than before but now im really scared will he ever realise how how much he hurt me im broken hearted. I want him to realise and say something I dont even know whats going on in his head that he made this decision. Im sure he is not dating anyone new he is commenting that he'll stay single forever. I dont know guys help. Will he come back? Does he still love me? Or does he hate me? Will he change his mind because he said this time he wouldn't I didn't do anything and still he is saying all these things he is so not like this, he always cared so helpp
Also he seemed pretty hurt and a lot angry, on something that was said by our siblings and he said that he never loved me but I know that this isn't true so help. Does he hate me for ever now? We planned to marry but does he really loathe me now because when I tried to talk things out he blocked me. And we meet once or twice in six months its kind of a long distance relationship


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  • Darling it's nothing you should be trying to blame yourself for It sounds like to me that He may have been infatuated by you and this is why He previously broke up with you Men mature at different pace than girls and it could bee he is not as mature as you are I would write him a letter as it's clearly not being solved in person or by text Write a letter tell him exactly how your feeling and you don't want to move on but you need to know what's happening ed are you and he finished and why Have repect for yourself though don't just let him back make him want you more by making him work for it x

    • I will. I just want him to feel how much he hurt me but idek if he'll ever regret this and apologize to me

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    • Here if you need to talk x

    • thanks. its just that he was a noce guy and he treated me very well but just within a few weeks something happened and just like that he changed his mind. did he just start hating me? I just want to know that he is also not happy after hurting me this much. I always showed care and I was loyal to him. he isn't with any other girl he said to his friends that he doesn't want a girlfriend and he wants to die single. I need to know that he is also just as much depressed after hurting me for no such reason. some peopke have said that he was just pretending to love and care for me and that he was trying to love me but he couldn't so he ended it. but how is it possible to fake loving someone for four years? it didn't feel like for a minute we were together that he maybe pretending. I don't know what's going on in his head. and its messing with my head

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  • Hate is born of hurt. You don't hate people who can't hurt or affect you. While he hates you it shows that you still matter. That said, sometimes a person can hurt another person too much and they may not be able to forgive. In time the hate dies away and leaves apathy and you still don't get them back.

  • Noo
    I don't think so

    • i just want him to apologize but as far as i can see that is not going to happen anytime soon. i think its going to take a few months

  • yes they do and yes it's permanent

    • Omg but why girls dont do that

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    • I believe that It's hard.

    • whats hard? him regretting the wrong thing he did and apologising to me? thats hard? seriously

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