Have not met boyfriend's ex-wife yet. He has two kids, I have one. Ee are moving in together and I'm going crazy!

She has told him she can't stand to see him happy. She refuses to meet me and he is complying. He won't push the issue. I can't go with him to pick up his children. He spends time with his kids at their old house. I am starting to get upset and he says I should trust him I haven't eaten in four days. I need advice!

I tell him I can't take it that I'm going a little crazy over this. His 6yr old son (who I adore)is playing soccer in the fall..I have already been told I am not welcome at games (by her) I'm freaking and all he can say is "I'm sorry I love you"...


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  • My advice, and yes I am a divorced mom of 2. Here is the way it is with me. I don't care who my ex dates, if she is going to be around my kids, then she better be ready to bring herself into my house and sit on my couch and carry on a conversation with me. If she can't do that, then she can't be around my kids! Period, end of discussion. When I've dated someone, he goes with me to everything my kids are involved with, He, I, my ex and my kids all have lunch together, they sit and talk, and if he can't do that and be friends with my ex, then he isn't going to be in my kids lives! It's what is best for the kids, it's not about me, it's not about my ex, it's about our kids, and even though we didn't stay married, we are still a family, and anyone wanting into that family, has to be able to get along with the other family members.! It's just not an option.

    Good Luck, and remember, life is too short, you only have a certain amount of days on this earth, do not spend them unhappy! It's your life, you can control it!

    • I agree 100% He has met my ex and I get along with my ex's girl(bcuz I have to not bcuz I want to) because IT IS about the kids. I offer CONSTANTLY to meet her, he brings it up to her and she stomps off and says she isn't ready and cries. BUT YES I WOULD want to meet the woman in my kids' life I just don't understand? Its eating me up every day :( His son is playing soccer in the fall she has already said I'm not welcome? Yet my boyfriend comes to my sons games HOW is that right? Its NOT!! Thank you 4 advice!!

  • She's acting childish..

    Do you confront him about it?

    I don't think you should try to have contact with her at this point, but if your boyfriend is serious about you, he should, at the least, be talking to her about it.. trying to get her to come around or something.. because it's obviously not practical long term.

    Whatever you do, I'd say don't move in until the issue is at least somewhat more taken care of than now..

    • He claims they have had a bunch of arguments over it that he WANTS her and I 2 meet. He says she stomps off crying and says she's not ready? He has met and gets along w my ex I get along w my ex's girl..its wats best 4 kids!! Yet the last cpl weeks we are looking 4 a place 2gether and I literally CANT eat bcuz I want this resolved first..all he keeps saying is I'M sorry..I LOVE YOU! The longer this goes on the WORSE its getting and I'm SICK over it :( thank you 4 advice

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