Do you ever just want to earth to slowly loose population?

Sometimes I feel like earth should just slowly just loose the population because of the amount of stupidity. People polluting the earth and waters but get mad when people call them out for it. The amount of racist and sexist and people saying it's different when it happens to males or whites when it's exactly the same.


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  • When you get to university you'll see how deep the indoctrination runs. Don't let the far-left corrupt your mind the way they have millions of others. The best place to be politically is the center. Maybe sway slightly left or right depending on the issue but don't go hard in 1 direction or the other. And always fight for your right to speak your mind.

    • It's nice that you were able to be around nice people buts it's like you think there are good people in the world and then Donald trump becomes President. I kind of want america to be the first country to die out. That would be awesome, it's going to happen anyways

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  • I think so too. Also because we're overpopulated. If I were in control, I would make having kids illegal for about 5 years. That way, less babies would be born (not killed), but the world would naturally lose some people due to age, accidents, etc.


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