Should I just let it go or let HIM go?

so I've been talking to this guy for like a month or 2, we've hung out a couple times and gotten pretty sexual but haven't actually had sex and we're not in a relationship YET. we're both looking for one I believe...i don't want to ask him because I don't want to annoy him lol. but he told me that he's going to a concert at this bar in our town that's not a strip club but about as close as you can get (wild drunk girls in barely any clothes). I'm kind of bothered by it. I don't want to be one of THOSE girls tho so I haven't said anything to him about it. should I just let it go? I don't think he'll do anything and it's not like we're together. it's just kind of a slap in the face I guess...


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  • So, what I see here is that you are not dating but "talking" and "hung out a couple times" which is all super casual and not even close to a relationship. But, you've gotten pretty sexual. The message you have sent to him is that you want a casual fling. It is confirmed by the fact that he's telling you he is going to this place. I don't know why he wouldn't. There is nothing that you mention that even hints of a relationship. You sound like FWB.

    You have 2 choices now. You can just keep things as they are and see if anything comes of it. Don't have sex though unless he actually asks you to be his girlfriend and if he is showing he wants full intercourse, you need to ask him your status first. Your other option is to have a talk now. I mean, really, if you are ready to call it quits, what do you have to lose? I would keep it simple and stay calm but I would ask him if he is looking for a relationship or is he looking for something casual. Then, stay silent and let him do all the talking. Don't apologize, don't try to soften your question or answer it for him. Just be quiet and listen to what he says and make your decision based on that.


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  • well why don't you go with him? if not then invite him over after tha concert maybe he will go over

  • well why don't you go with him? if not then invite him over after tha concert maybe he will


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