Would it be weird to go back and ask for her number?

I went to go eat the other day and I thought the girl working the counter was really cute. We chatted for a bit (she used to live where I am from) but nothing spectacular. I felt like I should've asked for her number but chickened out when I left. would it be weird to go back and ask for her number?

thank you everyone for the quick replies!


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  • No, it would not be weird. But make sure you have a plan for doing it and how you will react if she says no. Since she is working I would pick a time that it might be less busy so she isn't embarrassed in front of other customers and can actually give your number without her manager getting mad.

    • The rejection part doesn't scare me. its just the act of asking since it's been at least one and a half years. ill probably go in around closing time..

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  • Go get that number :)

    you might regret it if you dont-->haha wait you already regret not going for it don't you ;)

    • I regret it enough to sign up on a website and ask strangers haha ^_^

    • Lol see...you HAVE to do it now and then come back and tell us how it went!

  • you should play it cool and not act like you're going back just to get her number. that would creep me out if someone did that where I work. just act like you're back to eat there again.

    • Yes creeping her out would be bad XD

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