Feel like a pedo, but really am not?

Hey, i have been dating this girl for six months. Mostly during winter, but now as its warm, i feel like a god damn pedophile. She is around 94 lbs and is 5 foot 3 or 4. She has a great personality, but damn. We had sex before, its okay. But as time moves on, nothing changed about her, but she seems so small to me know. I am very frustrated about this.


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  • Small women are the best. I don't know how you could associate the body of a petite, short-statured woman with the body of a child, they are 2 completely different things.


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  • Think we need a picture lol... she sounds cute

  • lol

    • I feel like a pedo, thats a no go for me. I know i am not one. She really has a small frame. I dont want to leave her for that and im going to talk to her about this tonight. She is petite yes, but so petite she looks so damn young, she has a beautiful face tho, that doesent look childish, just the body.

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    • She is very feminine and has okay muscle fat ratio, she has a great ass, love it, but she has such a small bone frame, that you can and will mistake her for underage

    • Just find another girl when she comes around lol...

  • So she's short? What about it makes you a child?

    • It doesent make me a child in any way. Im 23 and she's 19. We have double the weight difference, im about 80 kg, she's 42 thats okay. But she's so small compared to other adults, i know she's petite, but she is so small i feel like im with a child sometimes

    • You just said it makes you a pedo :^) pedo means child, only means THAT when you say "pedophile"

    • Yes, but it makes me look like a pedo :D

  • If she's 18 years old or older then you're completely fine, and I don't doubt that she is not. Size does not matter, or size preference does not matter and does not make you a "pedo".


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