The time when better half is most needed at the very same time they break up or leave us alone. why this is so?

I have moved from my home town to another due to my profession. this was the very perfect time for my better half to be with me. but apparently my better half broke up or left me alone. Now when I need someone very badly at the same time she isn't here why is this and what should I do? as I am new in city and don't know anyone here.


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  • Well she broke up because obviously she didn't want to move and didn't want to compromise either. So its mostly her issue. You need to find someone who can love, appreciate and willing to fight for a relationship with you.

    • yes I am also thinking the same but it was not when I moved she broke up it was sometime earlier where in she made me felt like she was obliging me by being with me. and I did not wanted that.

    • @Asker, hmm. guess she prob was thinking of breaking up long time now.

    • yeah that might have been the case

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