Is he really in love with his new girlfriend or is she just a rebound?

Ok me and my ex were together for 3 years off and on. He's is a very toxic type. He hangs out with the wrong type of people... Drugs.. drinks.. party... every weekend. I treated him the best way i could. He would break up with me and then come running back crying and begging me to forgive him.. Now i know that he loved me but i know that he was out of his own self control due to his life style. I eventually got stronger 5 months ago and really put my foot down and said that i dont want him.. 2 1/2 months ago he came to me at where i live and cryied and begged to live with me and that he will change.. I said no.. And the same night he found out that i have been talking to somebody new.. Just talking.. Nothing more.. And a week after that he has a new girlfriend and told me to never talk to him again and to leave him alone and that he doesn't love me.. As soon as i found out i started no contact and now going on no contact for 2 months. And i blocked him from everything. It broke my heart.. I still hurt a little over it. i was wondering.. Did he get a new girlfriend because i hurt him and that is his way of dealing with us breaking up? does he still think about me and regret? My mom says that i allowed him to see the true him and he doesn't like it so he found somebody to distract himself with. Also the past 2 weeks I've been getting weird messages from people that are friends of his and they are asking me weird questions like about if im single and that they thought i was with somebody.. and just left the conversation at that.. With no flirting and kinda just only asked that... His half brother which i never spoke with or anything and that lives in another country called me out of the blue last week from facebook... I hurried and blocked it.. Could that be my ex trying to get a scoop on what i got going on? Just kind of wondering if he will every feel sorry for letting me go after all that I've been through with him and stayed by his side for so long?


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  • Oh this all sounds so familiar. The drugs, the parties, the breaking up and getting back together because i didn't even k ow what i really wanted... I've been that person too :) His friends and relatives are actually him trying to find out about your life. I used to be the exact same guy two years ago. I did the same pathetic fucked up things. But she never wanted me back. Now i'm thankful that she didn't. It broke my heart into a million pieces but it also showed me what kind of person i used to be. So i changed. I started kickboxing. After that, mma. I disiplined myself. I bettered myself. I became the best possible version of me because of her. I still regret everything that happened and would do anything for her to have me back. That's not possible anymore. But i'll never forget what i learned because of her. I hope this opens your eyes a little bit.

    • oh and if you really care about the girlfriend, she doesn't matter. she's just a means to an end. her only purpose is to get you jealous and to make him seem like he doesn't care.

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    • I am moving on. And have been doing so good lately. Just stuck with those questions in my head.. You have been a big help. Thank u so much

    • Heh, anytime. I'm actually glad that my experiences can help others understand the situation from a different perspective. Last piece of advice: If you really love him THAT much and ur sure he feels about you at least half of what i felt for anda (my exs name), break any form of connection until he betters himself. Once he does, IF he actually hopes for another shot with you, give it to him. Fair warning it takes at least 1-2 years for a person to truly change. But i know that i am the best version of myself now and everything i became is exactly what she needed me to be while we were together. I lost that chance and deeply regret it. Who knows, maybe you will get the "happily ever after" you deserve with this man. Wouldn't that make a great story to tell your kids?

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