Is it better to disappear off of social media for awhile to create mystery? It's the only way my ex and I are connected & I'm Wanting them 2 miss me?

I know it's dumb I know I shouldn't want to but I'd like to re attract my ex. Our only connection is through what I post on social media. I post a lot and my ex sees it all. Should I be off for awhile and create mystery or stay on and hope seeing me bothers them enough to miss me. Break ups are hard and make people do dumb things. i know this but I'd still love an opinion. Thanks!
  • Not seeing your ex will create mystery and make them wonder about you more
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  • Seeing them on social media probably bothers them more than not seeing you at all
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  • Speaking from my personal experience, I usually wonder why my ex doesn't post much, but it bothers me way more when I see stuff about them on social media, especially when they're with other people of the opposite gender, but then again I still have feelings for him so maybe that's why it bothers me more.. Just do whatever you're more comfortable with ^^


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  • Don't do this weird ghosting thing, just do whatever you want to do and stay on social media. They're probably not even going to notice if you're off it

  • If he's over you, even a little it will just have him forgetting more about you.
    Really it depends on how breakup went.

  • No one really cares..
    This sounds so childish and dumb lol


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