I like her and I want her back! What do I do?

So there is this woman that I like who is 10 years older than I am. Anyways, she broke things off between her and I. Initially, we were suppose to be friends with benefits but we got way too serious and she just wanted to go back and focus on herself.

In the beginning, i was really struggling and thought about her all the time. I went to a cottage over the weekend and snapchat & used instagram story, AND WITHIN MINUTES, she is the FIRST one to see it!
On Monday night, she texted me but I was a bit cold because like I am trying to get over her and I dont even know how i should have responded really.

Early in the morning today, I had a job interview and I looked really good! So I snapchat and instagram story it! WITHIN MINUTES! she is the first one to see. How is that possible?
Yes, in a sense I do want her back but at the same time, I don't know. What do I do if I want her back? Also, how is she ALWAYS the first one to see my story? And why is she looking at my story?

I like her and I want her back! What do I do?
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