I feel so guilty?

I lied to my boyfriend about my age.. only by a year & I just explained the whole thing to him in message & I just broke up w/ him cause I felt like he would have
.. cause I lied and I wish I didn't ! So I basically explained it & i'm turning my phone off so I won't be able to see his message..
Please nothing negative im already not in the mood.
Update he hasn't responded yet.. but I don't care.. he's talked to other girls while w me.. & I forgave him.. So if he can't forgive me or respond oh well it wasn't worth it.. but I also didn tell him to leave me alone lol but anyway thanks for the love and support , y'all don't know how much y'all helped :)


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  • Man you got to relax. No guy is going to break up you over your unless it's illegal. And plus it's just a year.

    • Im legal.. it's just the fact that I lied & when a person lies.. everything u say people will think it's also a lie.. I'm not a liar I just fucked up

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    • Alrighty

    • @Shadowfury522 I hope

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  • Breaking up with him because of it may be just a bit drastic. You don't know how he will react. He will probably just laugh about it.


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  • Believe it or not but you get a freebee once a month. Guys don't understand women during their period so just turn your phone on and tell him that. it will work. Never had my friend or ever heard of a guy that is caught up about the girl their dating's age. Once he loves you it's hard for him to stop.

  • That jailbait...


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  • How long were you together?

    • A year

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    • Like I said, if you really care about him, give him a chance to forgive you.

    • Okay

  • Put your phone back on and read his messages please. I'm sure he's not mad.


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