Guys, How did the dumper end up being comforted?

My ex and I broke up a few years ago. When we broke up, we never talked about, I just knew he wasn't in love with me anymore. While getting my stuff, he was in the shower and when I walked in to tell him bye, he cried, naked and wet, full on cried. He was dumping me and yet, I held him and told him it would be ok. I knew convincing him to stay wouldn't work. We were together for a few years. So how is it that the one time I asked him how it was so easy to move on (I asked him that a few years later-after we exchanged a few casual texts), he only says he sorry and doesn't know what else to say. I got shafted, I've been damaged since and it sux. No explanation, he moved on. He was the dumper and he got held as he cried? What kind of sense does that make?


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  • girl this is a boy stratagem they show a vulnerable side to you during or after a breakup so that they can have backup if they think they messed up. its kinda hardwired in our brain , i can tell your for sure he is little loner kinda guy i mean he likes his alone times thats another part of that kinda brain

    • Thanks for the insight. Totally got shafted in the whole dealing with my feelings after the breakup because I was so worried about seeing him cry. I ran into him after years and he looked and sounded exhausted, said he was exhausted. Almost as if he is just skating by life with no real ambitions. I felt sorry for him all over again.

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