Friend is finding it hard after her breakup with her boyfriend is there any advice?

So a good friend of mine has just recently broken up with her boyfriend. Like two days ago. She's finding it hard at the momento cause it's new territory for her. She's always been the dumper not the dumpee. She went on a night out tonight and bumped into his friends who gave her hugs, she felt emotional. I wanna reassure that it's going to be okay for her, but I'm not good with advice.


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  • Distract her. Go out and do fun activities, or if she doesn't want to, bring the activities to her. :) Show her she can have fun without him.

    • I would love to but sadly we're at the opposite ends of the UK she's up north I'm down south , otherwise I would

    • Well, you can Skype her? Play multiplayer games on the computer, watch movies etc...

    • Even just talking and making her laugh is a distraction

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  • tell her to process the emotions because if not she's going to feel the same way she does at day one of the break up when it's day 922.


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  • just tell her it's not the end of the world! there will be others too! the one who really care for her the one who's meant to be will always be... don't worry, tell her to let it all out! and move on... get herself busy, it's time for a change for the good! to do something more in her spare time!


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