Keep him or let him go?

hooking up with this guy for 6 months. in the beginning he told me that this could "be something." Took me out on one date, but now all we do is hook up. I'm looking for someone to be with. not just have sex with. Should I let him go? I don't feel this is going anywhere further, or is it worth asking him what he wants?


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  • You can ask but after 6 months if all he wants to do is have sex with you that puts you more in the category of fwb. Now if you all go out pretty often, see movies, hang with friends, then come home and have sex that's normal. I'm just trying to understand the question better, your not looking for this guy to propose are you? Its a bit too early. Just make more of a relationship right? Best of luck.

    • Yes just a relationship

    • Yea, just talk to your boy then. Sounds like its time to create a real relationship or start a new one

  • Most guys are pretty satisfied not going out, but just staying home with their girlfriend/wife.. you should suggest you two should go out first, (place and time) if he doesn't want to go, then let him go.


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