Girls, What does going no contact actually do to the "dumper"? Especially if not responding to their text?

I've always heard of the no contact rule as a way for someone dumped to get over a breakup and also as a way for them to possibly get the person back. I went through a breakup about 3 weeks ago. she did it over text, which hurt. i still love her though, and I tried to save things even though I knew it was pointless. Eventually it reached a point I knew I needed to end the conversation, that I'd get nowhere, and so I just didn't respond to her last text, my normal self would have, even if it would have been saying goodbye or something. I wanted to, but didn't let myself. I've continued to not send her a single text, we live in different towns so she has no clue what is going on in my life.

I've been doing what I can to move on, even contacted another ex and had her over for dinner, and talking to other women. I'm trying to stay open to all possibilities, but I'm staying out of touch with her until I know I can deal with seeing her.

this got me to wondering what she may be thinking and feeling. I know she cared very much for me, her youngest daughter loved me, always wanting me around. So in that case I wonder what it does the person that dumped the other
The whole point of this question is not about getting advice about moving on and forgetting her. It is about exactly what was asked


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  • U r better off. don't wonder

    • I'm wondering this because of what I've always heard. Whether I'm better off or not is irrelevant. It is a curiosity, wondering what really goes through their head and what they feel

  • why did she breakup with you? girls normally never think about breaking up with the man they love unless the guy did something or said something that really hurt her and she can never trust him again then we stay strong and breakup. far as the no contact thing obviously the dumper also feels the same hurt i guess i have never been a dumper just a rejecting one. i rejected lots of guys but the one guy i cared for dumped me a few weeks ago and i wonder the same thing that is he just happy after hurting me that much or is he also hurt like me so far as i have noticed im gonna say she also feels the hurt and is thinking about you but if she never loved you or hates you then she won't be feeling anything bad

    • She has been dealing with a lot, she's divorced, with 4 kids and she's a devoted mother, she was also a devoted girlfriend. Her divorce has been taking a couple years, the first part, making her legally divorced was finished long ago, but the guy is fighting on the assets, Lying about everything. She was emotionally abused by him, and she has started seeing a therapist to overcome the anxiety. I never hurt her, all the other stress was too much for her, and she honestly had no time, all the stress he was causing, she kind of put up a wall, but, only when we weren't together. together, you could see she loved me. It was overwhelming to her she wasn't used to someone that gave the same in a relationship. She loved that I could be romantic but still a man, Making love was the best she's had, she told a friend that. I was able to give her orgasms just through intercourse, a first for her, even more intense in other ways. At first may have been a rebound but that definitely changed

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