Saw my ex with his old crush?

We broke up 5 mnths ago... i recently saw pics of him and his old crush on instagram... She told me they were only friends... I am still not over him... He recently changed his relationship status from single to friendzoned... Tht means he proposed her right? I feel depressed...


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  • This just shows the universe is on your side. Be happy you didn't get hurt or betrayed by this when you were dating and fight to move on.
    You will find the one for you, sometimes it requires patience and self happiness.


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  • You need to remind yourself daily that we don't walk to our old paths. He's in the past, you're in the present headed to the future you don't talk old loves with you. Let him be happy with whoever the hell he wants you and go find your own happiness. You deserve it it's about that time! 5 months is enough time to accept and start getting back on your feet. You don't need him!


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  • Oh don't worry he is just so mean maybe he is trying to make you jealous? Maybe you should ask him?
    (It's funny how you looked at his Instagram!!)
    If he asked how you saw the pic say your friend told you!!!
    Hope you feel better!!!


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