Does the dumper feel happy or hurt?

does the dumper ''a guy'' in my case feel bad after dumping his girlfriend of five years just because of one big fight? I wasn't clingy because we didn't text a lot. I agree I said something which might have made him hate me. and maybe he couldn't handle the fact that I was too caring. maybe he couldn't handle that in the world of fakes we were becoming too real? because I was totally in love with him. WAS because he broke my heart into tiny bits of pieces. does the dumper after dumping a girl like me feel free and happy to be finally single? or do they miss us as much as we do? or do they also feel equally hurt and depressed? and do they ever regret this decision? because he also ignored my texts when I tried to talk to him to make things right. so all the boys guys men. please tell your honest opinion. he is 20 years of age we both are.
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girls also share their experiences with these type of situations it would really help a lot.
Does the dumper feel happy or hurt?
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