Would you still see your ex a few days after a breakup?

So, this girl I know is going to meet her ex. He broke up with her saying that she just didn't want a serious relationship until his late twenties cause he wants to find himself.

I feel that she was just his fuck buddy. They were dating for two years. She thought it might help to get some closure I think it might but I wasn't sure.

She bumped into him last night when she was out. And broke down. And he was like " why was she so sad if she saw it coming " They're both in their early twenties. She's just finishing uni and he's second year. She wants to me meet him to discuss rules on meeting up cause it upset her that she saw him but he couldn't see her not knowing if it was ok too.
She saw him Z she was saying she was really bad. And he was doing great really great not insecure or anything


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  • No. I didn't want to see my ex AT ALL after our break up and I still don't. I hate him lol so i personally wouldn't, but if you are into that, then go ahead. Do what feels right for you


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  • Not if the other person was cruel during the relationship.


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  • Dude what are you walking yourself into? A few days and your seeing her already? Clearly this chick is stuck on him and you are just a rebound. You need to run away. She will cheat on you with him. When the guy breaks up with the girl and the girl still wants to see him in person, oh yea man she's going to fuck his brains out.

  • My ex is in my major and my university isn't really that big so she will have to be in most of my classes for the next 4 years...


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