Just broke up and he now has mutual feelings with a mutual friend who is now my ex friend, what to do now?

We broke up about two weeks ago. He told me he was no longer excited of what's to come in our relationship and he was quite unhappy for some time. We broke up two months before because he was quite unhappy overall and wanted time to himself. A week later we got back together because he told me no matter how unhappy he was, he was unhappier without me.

So fast forward, he broke up with me and I was doing well moving on little by little. To be honest, I really thought there was a chance. That all ended when he asked if he could talk to me along with now my ex friend. I already had a feeling. So yea they told me how they developed feelings for each other. I didn't ask when or how. I simply did not want to hear any of it. I begged if I could leave and finally he said yea I could. Take note my ex and I were in a LDR for three years so this was all through chats on the phone. (When we were at our early stage, she liked him too and told us, she just ignored her feelings after)

So now im back on square one but with a deeper wound. They stabbed me in the heart and twisted that blade.

You will never ever know how it feels until it really happens to you. It was just so f*cked up.

Any tips for me?


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