Supicious that he is using me?

So I am with my man in "country name secret" 😄.

But I am suspicious he is using me to get a visa to Europe. I really like him and I feel like he likes me he seems like a good guy, shy, cute. But he has also made it clear he likes Europe, wants to go, and early he talked about that it was only possible for him if he were married.

And all his friends are marrying, ok 4 of them, us and european women. Seems suspicious! Is there a way i can ask, like hey why are non of you marrying the local girls, or better to just save myself feom the heartbreak?

can you love somebody if you also do it for gaining something.


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  • I love it when people ask, "Should I ask if they're going to scam me?" Because scammers are so well known for their honesty.

    Girl: "Are you going to scam me?"

    Guy: "Well, as you know, as per the scammers oath, I am required to tell the truth, so, yes."

    Girl: "What are you going to do?"

    Guy: "Well, I can't speak for my friends, one of whom is a murderer, but we were just planning on marrying you girls, getting out citizenship papers, knocking you guys up, and taking off, although, as I said, one of my friends killed someone, so I can't make any guarantees."


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  • there is a possibility.. it also depends on the country you are in and the country he belongs to..

    • Europe normally. Now somewhere in Afrique.

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    • It's way to soon. And i don't like he brought visa up in the same sentence or that his friends married to westeners. Other than that i really like him and see him as a good person. But the fact that i dont feel all trusting about the motives, i might break up.

    • if you feel you might break up then don't marry..

  • Nope, he obviously has his own agenda. Chances are you'll regret it if you marry him.

  • with the amount of terrorism going on in Europe, why would he want to go there?

    • Possibilities for job and education, better health care system, welfare, etc.

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    • You think he wants to do terror now or what? Not muslim.😄

    • Nah, just the usual scamming. Not everyone is a terrorist you know.

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