I'm in a long distance relationship. I always think he is cheating on me.

I have never caught him doing it, but every time he calls me by a new nickname, or doesn't call me one night, I assume it. I used to accuse him, and I don't do it anymore because I know he hates it. But I still think it. It bugs me because I am spending money to go see him, but I keep thinking he is not being faithful. I'm not going to break up with him, because my lack of trust has nothing to do with him. I have OCD and am in therapy, and it's almost impossible for me to stop thinking about this. I've asked him casually, and I've done the whole "I know what you did" thing, and he's never admitted to cheating. But he's 22, in another state, and good looking. I feel like those factors mean he almost definitely is cheating on me.

I also told him that if he wanted to fool around, he could break up with me and I would understand, and he didn't break up with me.


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What Guys Said 1

  • So... what do you want? We can't reassure you as to what he is or is not doing, only he knows that.

    If this relationship is driving you crazy then perhaps you should consider ending it and pursuing guys in the same area as you. That may help with your constant feeling of him cheating on you.


What Girls Said 1

  • if being in your long distance relationship has you asking questions maybe its time to take a break. you have to have trust in a long distance relationship. no doubt about that. you will go no where with out it, especially in a long distance relationship. if your feeling like this all the time then you may want to end it for your sake.


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